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Starplast is a leading LED sign board firm that has been providing high- quality signage solutions since its inception in 1995. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Starplast has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility and attract customers. The firm has a team of skilled professionals who are committed to delivering cutting-edge and innovative signage solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Starplast's product line includes a variety of indoor and outdoor LED sign boards, digital displays, and other signage options that are designed to be visually appealing, durable, and highly functional. The company's success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to quality, exceptional customer service. and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. At Starplast, we take pride in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals through customized signage solutions that effectively communicate their message to their target audience.


LED Modules

perfect lighting solution for a variety of applications, from channel letters and advertising to narrow profiles.

Pixel LED

Unlike traditional LEDs, an LED Pixel integrates all the necessary electronic components into a single device.

Control Card

Control cards are the main communication tool let you identify the functions to perform on the input data

Rain Proof Power Supply

Well-fitted performance for high and wide luminous flux at competitive cost optimized for industrial lighting applications

Backlit LED

Liquid-crystal display that uses LEDs for backlighting instead of traditional cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting.


An RGB LED is an LED module that can produce almost any color using three primary additive colors

Sign Boards

Designing an engaging sign might be more about aesthetics and design sense than fancy, costly features.

Name Boards

Designing an name board sign might be more about aesthetics and design sense than fancy, costly features.

Signage Materials

Try something more specific to attraction we are providing good quality Signage Materials

Wall Papers

We are offering Wallpaper Services in various colors, sizes, thickness and designs as per the client requirement.

LED Sign

We are providing unique LED sign board customer need .Because everyone should attracted to.

Why Choose Us?

Our well-trained and highly competent team assures that our products meet the highest quality standards and have exceptional strength, durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Starplast goods are stylish, long-lasting, and economical, and they assist customers in selecting a good promotional system through appropriate ideation, design development, and delivery to meet the client’s demands to the best of their ability. Whatever your promotional intentions are, the Starplast designer team has many creative ideas to present with you.

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Products and Services offered:

Star Plast in Koothattukulam has a wide range of products and / or services to cater to the varied requirements of their customers. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. Pay for the product or service with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, such as Cash, Cheques.

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